Proposals and Budget Guidelines

In an effort to assist you in raising funding for your programs, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations has developed a set of questions that will significantly enhance our ability to develop impactful and ultimately successful proposals for your program.

By having this information on file, we will be better able to draft letters of inquiry, proposals, and other materials necessary to solicit funding.

Proposal Questions

  • What problem is the program solving?
  • How does this program solve the identified problem?
  • Describe your program.
  • What are the measurable outcomes?
  • What are the program benchmarks to signify success or failure?
  • What makes this program unique or innovative?
  • What special qualifications does the department, college, university, or staff bring to this project or program?
  • What other organizations are involved, if any? How will they contribute to the work?
  • Do you have, if required, a formal agreement (Memorandum of Understanding)?
  • Whom will this project serve? (Demographic information – please try to be specific)
  • How many people will the program serve?
  • What is the geographic scope of the proposed project?
  • Does the program have the capacity to be replicated, either on a local, regional or national scale?
  • Why is this project important to pursue at this time?
  • What is the total cost of the project?
  • What funding do you have and from where?
  • What resources will others provide?
  • How do you intend to financially sustain the program?

In addition, proposals almost always request a detailed budget to accompany a narrative. This generally takes the form of indicating both proposed revenues and expenditures for your specific program. Again, this information will significantly assist our fund-raising efforts and is almost a prerequisite for having a proposal considered by the funding organization.

Nationally Restricted Foundations

  • Carnegie Corporation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Kresge Foundation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (unless responding to a specific RFP)
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Hewlett Foundation
  • W. M. Keck Foundation
  • Lumina Foundation for Education
  • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • William T. Grant Foundation
  • The Anne.E. Casey Foundation

Locally Restricted Foundations and Corporations

  • Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
  • J. Bulow Campbell Foundation
  • The Tull Charitable Foundation
  • The John and Mary Franklin Foundation
  • The Cousins Foundation
  • Courts Foundation
  • The Goizueta Foundation
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
  • Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
  • Atlanta Women’s Foundation
  • The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
  • James M. Cox Foundation
  • Zeist Foundation
  • The Marcus Foundation
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Georgia Power
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Cox Enterprises
  • United Parcel Service