Frequently Asked Questions

What types of resources are available through the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations?

OCFR provides GSU faculty and staff with current information on private foundations and corporations. The office maintains several resources to provide research on foundations and corporations to assist in the development of funding strategies and to identify prospects for specific initiatives and projects. OCFR can often guide you to additional information about a particular foundation or corporation beyond that provided on the foundation’s website, which typically outlines general program areas and application guidelines.

How can OCFR help with the proposal process?

We can assist you in various stages of the proposal process. Some of these include:

  • Review and crafting of pre-proposal letters of inquiry
  • Review, crafting and feedback on proposals and budgets
  • Supply institutional information required by an organization

What is an RFP?

A Request for Proposals (RFP) is a funder’s written announcement inviting proposals, usually for a specific grant program. An RFP is typically associated with private foundations. As mission-driven entities, foundations increasingly pre-determine the issues they wish to fund. The OCFR serves as a clearinghouse for many RFPs from foundations. OCFR announces upcoming RFPs via email directly to faculty and administrators in relevant schools and centers.

Am I required to contact OCFR before applying for a grant to a foundation or corporation?

Applications to certain foundations and corporations require clearance through the OCFR. For foundations or corporations that are not on the restricted list, you are not required to contact Foundation Relations. The OCFR would nonetheless welcome hearing from you about proposals you will be submitting, regardless of restricted status so that these can be monitored.

What is the clearance process?

Because some foundations limit the number of proposals from an institution or have other stipulations, clearance is required before you approach these foundations. Often, the university may have a broader conversation with a foundation or corporation ongoing, often at the Presidential level, and we may want to consider other requests to the funding entity in light of this instance.
The list of foundations requiring clearance prior to the submission of a letter of inquiry or a proposal can be found on our Clearance and Restrictions page. The clearance process also helps faculty avoid possible missteps with a corporate or foundation that limits submissions, or where other GSU interactions may be in process.

How long do foundations or corporations take to make funding decisions?

The length of time from the submission of a full proposal to award varies. Most decisions are made by a board which meets periodically; board meeting schedules vary considerably: bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annually.

What should I do if the foundation or corporation I am applying to requires a letter from the president or provost to accompany the proposal?

The OCFR will assist in preparing a letter to a foundation or corporation from the president or provost. In most cases, you should submit a draft of the letter, following the foundation guidelines, to Mary K. Roarabaugh in OCFR for review and processing. A four-week lead time is required to review and process a letter from the president or provost.

If the award letter from a corporate or foundation says I need to send in a report, what should I do?

Corporations and Foundations typically require periodic reports on the supported activity and a final report at the conclusion of the grant. The faculty member receiving the award is responsible for submitting all reports. It is imperative that these reports be prepared and sent in to OCFR for our files and for the completion of any financial information. If a report is missing, a corporation or foundation may withhold subsequent payment on your project or sometimes on another project at the university. The financial portion of your report is generated by the Georgia State University Foundation. Please provide at least four weeks lead time for any Georgia State University Foundation involvement.